Dueck Defense RTS-Rapid Transition Sight™ Set

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Rapid Transition Sight™

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Rapid Transition Sight™ Rapid Transition Sight™

Product Highlights

  • Product Hightlights:
  • Ultra-Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Ambidextrous
  • Low profile
  • Mounts easily

Product Description

Top 3-Gun shooter and IPSC Grand Master: Barry Dueck, has designed the RTS™ Sight System which provides the competitive, L/E or Military tactical shooter with the quickest transition possible from optical to offset iron sights. These off-set sights greatly increase the shooter's efficiency when dealing with near and far targets. The sights work for both right and left handed shooters.

“I realized that when shooting close targets on the move I was more effective with standard M4/M16 iron sights than when using anything else. Being that I still performed better at longer ranges with an optical sight, I came up with the RTS sight design that allowed for both. It also solved the problem of trying to co-witness sights because you now have two independent sighting systems that are always ready.”
~ Barry Dueck

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