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PRG Mission and Job Descriptions

The mission of Potomac River Group (PRG) LLC  is to provide all tasks and services necessary to provide professional services including program management in support of the AFMS Asset Forfeiture Management Staff (AFP). PRG shall provide a team that will increase the capacity for the Department of Justice (DOJ) AFMS or the participating federal agency to obtain data about licit and illegal typologies and networks through intelligence gathering and cash flow analysis. The contractor will be required to perform an analysis of complex financial and business records and transactions associated with federal investigations and prosecutions in support of the AFP. All contract services are in support of the AFP in the area of law enforcement with specific investigative competency in Forfeiture, Domestic and Transnational Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, Financial/Money Laundering, Cyber Crimes, Drug, Illicit Trade Finance, or similar area of activity.


PRG employees shall provide detailed and complex analyses of financial transactions in support of the AFP program for participating federal agencies. PRG will be required to provide on-site services at Government facilities designated CONUS (Continental United States) and OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) to support the DOJ, its components, and other Federal agencies identified as AFP Participant Agencies.

Full-time Senior
Financial Investigator (SFI)

Potomac River Group (PRG), Ashburn, Virginia, ( has an immediate full-time Senior
Financial Investigator (SFI) vacancy in San Antonio, TX on its contract supporting the Executive Office for
United States Attorneys (EOUSA) under PRG’s Asset F
orfeiture and Support Services contract. Must
have experience in law enforcement, financial fraud, and money laundering.

Description of Duties:

• Independently plan and conduct asset investigations to recover debts
imposed in cases handled by or referred to the USAOs.
• Conduct financial analysis and provide written reports regarding financial
conditions of debtors.
• Perform technical and factual research, including on-line data searches
and compilation of case-related information from database records.
• Provide technical expertise in using various investigative automated
systems and law enforcement databases, such as Choice Point,
AutoTrack, Accurint, and other Internet capabilities, to provide case
support to the Government in criminal and civil debt collection matters.
For example, Asset Investigator contract personnel will analyze and
document the ownership interests of identified assets, analyze financial
records to determine defendant's ability to pay, create a database from
financial records to document appropriate payment plans, and prepare
writs of execution or garnishment.
• Research and identify assets utilizing data amplification
programs/systems and through various forms of crypto-currencies.
Familiarity with methods and vehicles used to commit or facilitate
financial crimes such as cryptocurrency, Internet payment services,
money broker services, and Internet investment services.
• Perform a variety of ancillary asset investigation-related services in
direct support of financial investigations, including, but not limited to,
the following:
o conduct asset searches;
o contact with federal, state, and local officials as well as other
organizations and individuals related to the subject of the
investigation for the purpose of gathering facts;
o learn the sequence of events;
o conduct interviews and obtaining statements;
o verify debtors' employment;
o research public records through public records databases or by
visiting state, county, or municipal recorder offices; and
o research private or restricted databases as provided by the Government.
• Perform surveillance of debtors with appropriate law
enforcement/investigative agencies but personally participates only in
surveillance activities occurring in locations open and accessible to the
public with little or no risk of physical harm.
• Utilize electronic databases to identify documents and other evidence.

• Research and identify assets utilizing various social media and cyber research tools.
• Communicate with financial institutions regarding accounts identified
for execution or garnishment to satisfy a debt (e.g., update account
balances, ensure correct account numbers, and coordinate timing of
• Prepare legal documents in response to the results of investigative
activities (e.g., subpoenas, writs of garnishment, etc.).
• Prepare, review, and edit complex legal documentation
(e.g., legal reports, correspondence, motions, briefs, and
memoranda of law, etc.).
• Identify witnesses and subjects and assist the FLP AUSA during interviews
and courtroom proceedings regarding the ownership and source of
targeted assets of ongoing investigations.
• Conduct investigation of assets to assist with debt collection efforts on
high dollar or complex civil debts, at the request of the FLP AUSA.
• Prepare interim and final reports on the progress of investigations, for
use by FLP AUSAs. Reports include significant findings and conclusions,
recommendations for additional investigative actions, and candid
assessments of strengths and weaknesses of witnesses, documentary
evidence, or other aspects of cases.
• Prepare interim and final reports on the progress of assigned
investigations, detailing accomplishments in assisting the FLP with pre-
indictment, pre-judgment, and post­ judgment investigations.
• Record information in the Government debt collection database,
including event dates, relevant enforcement codes, and brief
descriptions of the investigative and enforcement activities related to
collection efforts.
• Serve as an instructor for FLP asset investigation training courses and seminars.
• Provide content support, research, and real-world case examples to create
and/or update FLP Asset Investigator training resources, instructional
materials, or eLearning modules.
• Assist Office of Legal Programs attorney advisors with training courses
and seminar initiatives.


Candidates for this position must possess the following qualifications:

  • Working knowledge of money laundering investigations

  • Familiarity of the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering rules.

  • Minimum of ten years of law enforcement experience planning, conducting, and participating in complex financial investigations with a minimum of five years in a specialized area of expertise such as Forfeiture, Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, Fraud, Drug, Money Laundering, or similar area of criminal activity.

  • Working knowledge of current financial investigative techniques, including the use of commercial databases and other sources of information, and a valid driver’s license

  •  Undergraduate degree.

• Position requires Public Trust clearance.
PRG is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for
employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected
veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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