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4DT HIVE Retrofit Standard Pad Kit (3/4")

4DT HIVE Retrofit Standard Pad Kit (3/4")


 The 4D Tactical H.I.V.E Retrofit Pad Kit offers the most technologically advanced suspension systems available. This technology was originally developed for the US SOCOM and other Tier 1 first responders around the globe. The suspension system (padding) is a rate and temperature sensitive material that conforms to wearer’s unique head shape.

The H.I.V.E Retrofit Pad Kit leverages all of the existing 4DT Retrofit offerings in a completely modular kit. Standard 8-pad configurations available in ½”, ¾” and 1" thicknesses..

Introducing the 4DT
H.I.V.E Retrofit Standard Pad Kit
P/N 4-4028 (3/4") Pad Thickness
Fits: (ACH/ECH/PASGAT/Bump Helmets

Key Features of the 4D Tactical H.I.V.E Retrofit Pad Kit

- Improved comfort: Padding conforms to wearers individual head geometry,   eliminating hot spots
- Improved Blunt Impact Protection: 4DT suspension technologies have shown to   provide significantly better blunt impact protection than standard OEM padding
- Moisture Wicking: Specialized fabric wicks heat and moisture away from wearer,   creating a natural cooling effect
- Easy Retrofit: Remove padding and install pads using existing OEM Velcro discs
- Compatible with ACH/ECH/PASGT/Bump Helmets
- Completely Modular: Split crown accommodates over the head comm gear
- Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C 2533a) Compliant




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