Noisefighters PanoBridge

Noisefighters PanoBridge

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Noisefighters and its development partner Nightline, Inc. introduces Panobridge, a 1.5 oz night vision bridge mount with industry-changing adjustable field of view capability


Users can selectively adjust the goggle’s field of view from 40 to approximately 75 degrees by laterally rotating (or “panning") each individual monocular outward, creating a panoramic image. With an innovative AFOV (Adjustable Field of View) mechanism and resulting wide-view image, you can enjoy vastly improved situational awareness and the feeling like you're not even looking through image intensifying tubes.


The choice of a high performance Arkema® polymer produces a nearly indestructible bridge mount and the lightest bino bridge currently on the market.


 both monoculars attached to the Noisefighters Panobridge may be individually swung upwards, out of the line of sight, without disturbing the adjacent device's positioning.