About Us:

The PRG team has the expertise and proven ability to support a wide array of government and commercial contract requirements, from asset forfeiture support services to polygraph and firearms training programs supporting the intelligence community.

As a law enforcement and national security-centric organization, PRG successfully develops innovative technology and operational solutions, provides technical and management expertise, and has a robust logistics capability to support large-scale domestic and international programs and operations. Critical supply chain operations are supported by robust ITAR and EAR licensing procedures ensuring smooth, rapid and trouble-free international operations.


  • Precision Targeting & Rangefinding Systems
  • Night Vision, Thermal Imaging and Targeting Devices
  • Ballistic & Combat Helmets
  • Body Armor
  • Military Aviation Headsets
  • Trace Explosive Detectors
  • Night Vision Helmet Mounts & Accessories
  • Other Electro-Optical Systems


  • Border Security & Law Enforcement Training
  • Asset Forfeiture Support Services
  • Hazmat Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Interviews and Polygraph Examination Services
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Support
  • LE Studies and Assessments
  • Security Border Assessments


  • Export-licensing services - ITAR & EAR
  • Investigative, analytical and technical support - International contracts
  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Full support for operational field personnel
  • Export Compliance Programs -Commercial Clients
  • Technical Assistance Agreements & Manufacturing Agreements - ITAR